All Nature's Way

A trusted Name in the North Shore. When I established my practice here in 2009, I knew I chose the right place. The people were very welcoming, and my patient list grew as I gained the trust of many on the North Shore. I have been practicing  acupuncture since 2001. I am ready to help you and your family lead healthy, happy lives.
Welcome to All Nature's Way


All Nature's Way was founded on the belief that in order to sustain health and well-being, our body and mind must be in balance and harmony. 

Our motto is based on the following quote:


“If you treat a patient’s disease, you may succeed or you may fail; if you treat the patient, you will always succeed.”


Our treatment strategy focuses not only on the patient’s signs and symptoms, but we also search for the common hidden source of those conditions in order to treat the root.


Chinese Medicine is a comprehensive health system used to restore the balance and flow of our inner energy called the qi, which facilitates the healing process.

Some of the techniques used in Chinese Medicine include acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Su jok (Korean acupuncture),diet and nutritional counseling, qi gong (breathing exercise), and meditation. 


Acupuncture is helpful in the treatment of joint and muscle pain, digestive problems, chronic fatigue and insomnia, and infertility and gynecological disturbances. It helps relieve the cravings associated with alcohol, drug, and nicotine addiction. It is commonly used to treat anxiety and depression, migraines, immune system deficiency, respiratory and other acute and chronic conditions. Acupuncture is effective as an independent treatment or when used in conjunction with other therapies.